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ABSITE ASSASSIN Surgery Review - ABSITE Questions iFlashcards is indispensable for surgical residents and general surgeons preparing for the American Board of Surgery’s exam, certification and recertification examinations. This iPhone app maintains the core features that have made it one of the most popular ABSITE questions and Surgery Review apps in iTunes, including questions flashcards with answers after each question!

Over 400 surgery review questions and answers are including an automatic reinsertion of any surgery flashcard you tag as wrong – repetition is the mother of memory! This feature facilitates rapid easy surgery review and increases your understanding of surgical principles.

This review app provides a current, concise, methodical review of all areas covered in the exam and Surgery Boards.
Surgical diseases of the Esophagus, Surgical Review of Small Bowel Diseases, Surgical Review of Colorectal Diseases, Surgical Oncology, Surgery Review of the Pancreas, Review of the Liver and Gall Bladder, Review of Trauma, Review of Wound Healing, Review of Transplant Immunology, Review of Gastrointestinal Hormones, Review of Inflammation and Cytokines, Review of Fluids and Electrolytes.

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Customer Reviews:
Great for on-the-go studying**** by GameOn80
Enjoyable for mini-review/quick drilling; aids memorization of dry facts that are best learned through repetition. definitely worth the money.

Great general surgery review!****by CaMD
Nice review, great interface! Absite Assassin is a great buy! Definitely worth the money.

ABS In Service:
*KEY Surgery pimping pearls
* Quick loading of the surgery review database.
* Easy to learn user interface
* Peel away page functionality
* The ability to mark correct vs incorrect answers and monitor your progress.
*Get test analysis and results after each SURGERY REVIEW session.
* Automatic reinsertion of wrong answers TWICE!!!
* Over 400 SURGERY REVIEW questions!!!!

These questions are for review purposes only; they are not meant to guide your treatment of patients.

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