BLiSS Sim app built by Andrew Harrison (@fontvirus) @ the Center for Educational Technologies

You’re stuck on the Moon or relocated to Mars—how are you going to survive for months and possibly years without resupply? This is the challenge you face in the Bioregenerative Life Support System Simulator, BLiSS Sim. It is based on investigations conducted by NASA scientists and engineers to explore how plants can be grown to provide air, water, and food for astronauts at a lunar base.

What makes this app unique and highly desirable is that it uses a game format to engage both youth and adults in the challenges of supporting humans in space or extreme environments on Earth. Players learn how four plant types—wheat, potatoes, soybeans, and lettuce—can be grown and harvested to supply human oxygen, water, and food needs.

Anyone interested in plants, human space travel, or planning biological sustainability here on Earth will want this free app based on NASA advanced life support research.




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