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Head2Head Football is the ultimate Football trumps app featuring over 40 clubs from the 2011/12 English Premiership and Championship leagues, with stats that go right back to the clubs inception in the 1800’s.


Single Player – Play against the app in a fast-paced quick game, a standard 30 card game, or a 40 card endurance game.

Multi Player - Test your skill against your friends, or play against a random opponent over wi-fi or 3G.

Power Play – 4 powers to increase your chance of beating your opponent:
Assist – Reveal the top stat on your card
Attack – Increase all of your stats by 20%
Cheat – A 5 second peek at your opponents card
Sub – Substitute your card for the next in your hand

Try to collect the ultimate hand of cards to trump your opponent and win the game!

Head2Head Trumps



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