Presidential Election Race 2012 app built by Grand Parade Ltd

"The best app for keeping up to date with the latest polls, state by state, is this elegantly designed one, free of bias."
-- The Sunday Times

"This app is another example of how technology is making Presidential elections more transparent than ever."

"The coolest way to follow the world's biggest event"
-- Playboy Magazine

"Grand Parade has taken advantage of their background in betting odds to provide an app that presents poll numbers like no other on the market."
-- Appcelerator

Follow all the drama of the 2012 race for the White House and be the first to forecast the next President of the United States with this penetrating predictive app.

See who’s in front – and by how much – according to opinion polls, betting markets and Twitter sentiment.


Follow the electoral vote scoreboard and state-by-state poll results, monitor the swing states, and stay one step ahead with all the latest election news.

State-by-state poll results (as they come in)

Unique electoral vote scoreboard

Alerts for new polls and dramatic movements in betting markets

Latest election news aggregated from America's most trusted sources

As we count down to the world’s most important election in November, the app also shows you:
-A map of how each state is trending
-The number of electoral votes each state delivers
-The history of how each state has voted since 1940
-Key facts on how states traditionally vote

Plus! Customize alerts and updates so you’re never out of the loop on the election data YOU need.

Presidential Election Race 2012



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