Salsa Clubs app built by Uri Shaked at Salsa Rhythm Software

So you are traveling for the first time to a new city within the US and you are in the mood of salsa dancing...

Wouldn't it be nice to have an app that automatically detects where you are, pulls down all the salsa venues around you, and tells the venue features? Like dates, times, cover charge or not, salsa lesson or not, paid parking or free parking, DJ or live band?

Now there is an app for that! Introducing the Salsa Clubs App. This powerful little app will provide you with the most up to date information regarding salsa venues - including, clubs, restaurants, dance studio socials and more that offer Latin Music entertainment. The app updates itself daily and if you happen to be a local of that city, then you have the power to contribute more details for each Salsa venue. And best of all, it's free! This is a must have app for Salseros and Salseras of all over the US, created by Salseros.

Please note that salsa venues change frequently. Some are well established, others are seasonal. If it is your first time going, just tap on the phone number to quickly give them a call. If you just started offering Salsa at your venue and like to be listed on this app directory, just "Send us Feedback" and within 24 hours it will become available.

We are already working on updates - including International Support, quicker map interactions, and social settings so you let your friends where you are going dancing tonight! More enhancements coming soon. We always welcome your recommendations.

Thank you for downloading our app,
Happy dancing and see you on the dance floor!

Christian and Uri

Salsa Clubs



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