SCI-FI-LONDON app built by Ketan Majmudar

** New updates for the 2015 Festival **

The official app of SCI-FI-LONDON, The London International Festival of Science Fiction and Fantastic Film. Hosting Premieres, Filmmaker Q+A's, Filmmaker Workshops and Special Events. When the festival is not on, our extra features can be used all year round to keep you entertained and informed.

SCI-FI-LONDON 15 - 29 May - 8 June, 2015

Plan your festival time and share interest.

* Complete schedule listing
* Track Events in personal planner
* View venues, call booking lines and visit website.
* Festival news via Twitter feed and push notification in app.
* Details for each event with synopsis
* Will allow you to share events through use of the Twitter application (if installed) or via Twitter website
* Send or share event/movie details via email
* Beacon detector to dynamically push context aware data to the app users at the festival venues




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