Sharing Giggles app built by Daniel Arroyo (@sharinggiggles) @ Sharing Giggles

Sharing Giggles helps you capture and privately share your child's unforgettable moments.

Privacy is important when dealing with our children, that's why your child's updates are only seen by people you trust. You can add family members and accept or reject requests from friends to follow your children. You're always in control of who sees your updates.


- Share milestones, photos and funny things your child does with the people you trust.

- Find close friends already using Sharing Giggles and ask permission to follow their children's stories.

- Control who can see your child's updates.

- Update multiple children in one account.

- Convenient access using your Facebook account. And NO, we will NEVER post anything without your consent... ever!

- Quickly post to Facebook the updates that you want everybody to see.

- You can also see and post updates while on Facebook at


This app was created by Charlotta & Daniel Arroyo. We're parents like you who want to capture our children's story growing up, share it with our close friends and have something to show to our kids when they're older.

We're building the service that we wish existed when we were kids and this is the first step. Join us in this journey!

Sharing Giggles



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