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Often called the "most original" reality show on television, Neighbourhood Security Guard is a pure classic, forever transforming and evolving on the landscape of comedy.

The rawest and realest of all reality shows, Neighbourhood Security Guards invites viewers to ride along with the hilariously nutty Shane McNeal as he takes on everything: From the crazy and bizarre to the dangerous and creepily hilarious, Neighbourhood Security Guard never fails to surprise, startle, and entertain.


Neighbourhood Security Guard is a show that focuses on up-and-coming security enforcement officer Shane McNeal and the four men who just cannot get enough of him - Nick, Wilson, Ed, and Jobin - As they live every day as though it's their last and try and outwit, outlast, and outplay their impending doom.

From the same people who brought you The Heist, Blood Sample, Reflective, and more, Neighbourhood Security Guard is a documentary-styled Facebook/YouTube-based mocumentary comedy show about a single man - Shane McNeal - who simply doesn't like (Or understand) the neighbourhood he has sword to protect and, because of this, is brought to odds with several of the rather odd residents.

TheMcNeal now features ALL episodes of the show, including all the season extras, which can all be viewed straight from your device in High-Definition! Along with that, there is also an EXCLUSIVE episode available exclusively in the app. The app also features never-before-seen background information regarding all the characters of the show, past and present, as well as the show itself. There is also a catalog of items from the show, and sick promotional content of the cast & crew to top it all off. All of this for absolutely FREE!!




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