TSAzr app built by Bruce Elgort at Elguji Software, Inc.

Got ticked off when you had to take a TSA body scan? - So did we...

Humiliating experience at the security screening point?
Did they touch your "junk"? - Speak out!

How about when you had to go through a pat down? - That was fun... NOT!

Want to know what other people think about their TSA screening?

TSAzr (pronounced "TAY-zer") allows you to share your TSA screening experience with the world. Did you go through a body scanner? Did you get a pat down? How did the pat down go?

Rate and describe your experience.

See which airports are performing the most body scans, which airports are doing the most pat downs, which airports people are rating the highest and lowest. View real time data and graphics for each airport.

Get up-to-date TSA-related news right inside the app.

From the airport you are at or one that you will be traveling to, TSAzr allows you to find out what to expect when going through the TSA experience.

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